Colorado Trails to Spanish Treasures ...
Colorado Trails to Spanish Treasures ...

For decades we were taught in our schools that Columbus discovered America, and for years people believed that’s where America’s history started ... until a host of evidence began emerging that changed an entire line of belief.  We now know that America was explored by civilizations much earlier than Columbus.  We've also discovered that many nations including Spain explored North and South America considerably more than what was previously documented.


As Recently as 1983 ...

 ... copies of documents from Spain’s archives were discovered which describe a Spanish King’s orders and regulations for thousands of secretly coded trails leading to established mines or treasure storage sites located all over North and South America.   These documents included drawings of monuments enhanced with secret codes, signs and symbols that were to be erected along the trails leading to these destinations.  Strict rules were layed out governing the construction of these trails, their monuments, secret codes and the measurements that were to be used.  These coded trails were so consistent in their makeup that they could be followed by any party the King would send to check on his 15-20% interest in mining operations anywhere, in any country.  These trails could be followed with or without a hand written map.

"Lost Treasures You Can Find in Colorado"

This Booklet contains stories that were never released to the public prior to 2000.  These stories provide the general locations to search for a lost gold mine, a lost and forgotten mining camp, a giant smoky quartz crystal and several other interesting places.  The stories were compiled from the personal experiences of Edward Franklin Burks (deceased 1988)  who spent years exploring the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Colorado's Spanish Treasure Trails on DVD

Photographs and detailed information about 4 different locations.  Includes many examples of other trail monuments, signs and symbols.


 "Lost Treasures You Can Find in Colorado" Book is available at "Dewitt Enterprises" to order call Bob DeWitt @ (719) 473-0330 or email request to:


Always Happy to Help ...

I love to hear from my readers and I'm happy to help anyway I can.  Take the best possible photograph of any signs or formations you need help with and send your questions to me directly Here.

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