Colorado Trails to Spanish Treasures ...
Colorado Trails to Spanish Treasures ...

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Since their Father's passing in 1988, Sydney and sister Linda spent years following his passion for prospecting and treasure hunting.  In their travels over much of the western United States, they discovered countless monuments, trail markers and many of the ancient Spanish Trail's secrets. 


Aided by experts in technology and research and by several extremely capable friends and associates in the field, they have located and continue to cultivate numerous and remarkable discoveries.


 "Lost Treasures You Can Find in Colorado" Book is available at "Dewitt Enterprises" to order call Bob DeWitt @ (719) 473-0330 or email request to:


Always Happy to Help ...

I love to hear from my readers and I'm happy to help anyway I can.  Take the best possible photograph of any signs or formations you need help with and send your questions to me directly Here.

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