Colorado Trails to Spanish Treasures ...
Colorado Trails to Spanish Treasures ...

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly-trained, experienced and dedicated associates, all devoted to making new discoveries.

Sydney Moon



Discovering and following Spanish

Treasure Monuments to their destinations


Experience:  19+ years discovering and photographing Spain's secret trail Monuments in Utah and Colorado. 


Along with records located in Library's around the world I've spent hundreds of hours combing through the ancient Spanish Journals, and documents located in the Spanish Archives of Madrid and Seville Spain. 

Boyd Moon


Provided 30+ years experience in the

Engineer and Technical Support required for

all exploration and Production.



In Memory of my Sister Linda Jent  1946 - 2017


Best traveling and suport partner ever.  She made every trip a new and exciting journey. 

Tom Jent


Occasionally Tom traveled with Linda and myself and he made several important discoveries during those field trips.


Richard and Sharon Walker


Richard and Sharon are occasional traveling partners and are highly talented in the fields of Metal detecting, Piloting, Art and Photography. 






Sharon discovering a trail monument. 


 "Lost Treasures You Can Find in Colorado" Book is available at "Dewitt Enterprises" to order call Bob DeWitt @ (719) 473-0330 or email request to:


Always Happy to Help ...

I love to hear from my readers and I'm happy to help anyway I can.  Take the best possible photograph of any signs or formations you need help with and send your questions to me directly Here.

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